Webinar playback: David Taylor and Duncan Chapple discuss sales enablement

In a recent webinar on sales enablement David Taylor, Cisco’s former head of analyst relations and marketing intelligence in EMEA, talks over the realities of analyst relations and what AR professionals and do to develop the value of AR.

In this 26 minute recording, you can hear David explain what an effective sales enablement process looks like, and answer questions from senior AR managers about the way forward. Much of the call outlines Kea’s sales enablement process, which David and I have been developing since early last year. The chart on the right outlines the elements.

Our process helps companies to overcome the unnecessary losses that result when Analyst Relations is disconnected from the firms sales process. We enhance the reputation and value of AR and marketing by helping to generate leads, recommendations & sales. By aligning communications more clearly with sales outcomes, we can help unlock new budget and resources, develop plans that drive action and ultimately drive better career paths for our clients.

David and I are keen to speak with companies interested in sales development. To find out more, contact us.

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