ISG buys Saugatuck to build cloud leadership

ISG, the firm which bought outsourcing experts TPI, has made a step forward into the cloud space by purchasing Saugatuck. This smaller analyst firm has a loyal client base which respects its independence. Over the last few years, Saugatuck used its long-standing expertise in the North American software and services markets to build up a solid niche leadership by researching cloud applications, platforms and services.

Saugatuck’s clients tend to be vendors that also rely on firms like Gartner, IDC, Ovum, Forrester and 451 Research. However, while they value Saugatuck’s research and face-to-face advisory days, it’s clear that both ISG and Saugatuck have the opportunity to develop more influence over end-user organisations by developing peer communities and better support for technology selection decisions. ISG already as a more global spread of clients, so cross-selling Saugatuck into ISG’s outsourcing-focussed clients should produce some quick wins.

For more in-depth data comparing ISG and Saugatuck’s market position, pick up the results from the Analyst Value Survey.

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