New method for Analyst Value Survey

A new methodology is shifting the focus of the annual Analyst Value Survey onto the professional’s experience of analysts. Unlike previous years, where value was expressed in concrete services, the 2018 AVS is asking executives to describe the value of analysts in their own words. The survey is now publically live at, via a survey link on the top right of that page.

A distinct feature of the 2018 survey is an innovative tool which invites participants to consider and evaluate the comments of other participants in the survey. In July 2017 the survey was opened to a carefully selected advance group of industry leaders who have seeded the survey tool. As a result a new picture is appearing: the reasons why people buy from successful analyst firms are not the same reasons don’t buy from their competitors. For example, happy customers often point to the expertise of the analyst firms they use and the quality of trend research. However, more specific criteria like uneven coverage quality or low frequency of insight are often the reason why clients are not using other analyst firms.

The new method will allow us to not only to understand the services and firms that users value, but also to see which they rely on the most of find hardest to access elsewhere. To find out more, please visit

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