2018 Analyst Firm Awards to be published on 10 September

The world’s most valuable industry analyst firms will be honoured by the announcement of the 2018 Analyst Firm Awards on 10 September. The awards reflect the opinions of hundreds of those firms’ users collected by the 2017-18 Analyst Value Survey.

The focus of the survey, on the most valuable analyst firms, spotlights how analyst firms can close their industry’s growing credibility gap. In the past, users had close relationships with a small number of analyst firms whom their companies subscribed to. Paying subscribers are, generally, pretty happy with what they get.  However, most research is now accessed outside subscriptions, through freemium and vendor-sponsored business models. Freemium users get less value from analysts than premium clients. While that is unsurprising, it presents a credibility problem for the whole industry

So, while many analyst firms are growing their audience rapidly, those extra users are getting less value. The Analyst Value Survey finds out which firms users value most, and the Analyst Firm Awards celebrate them.

Six categories

The 2018 Analyst Firm Awards will be published in six categories:

  • Americas: north, central and south America (previous award here).
  • Global: the rest of the world (previous award here).
  • Enterprise: covering Integration; Database Management; Security & Privacy; Risk, Governance & Compliance; Fraud Detection; Open Source; Human Capital Management; Mergers & Acquisitions; CRM & Customer Service; Social; Total Cost of Ownership; Enterprise Applications; Software; Application Development; Application Infrastructure; Internet Applications; IT Administration; Digital Commerce; E?Commerce; Business Process; and BPM (previous award here).
  • Telecoms & Networking: covering  Wireless; Telecoms Services; Telecoms Equipment; Telecoms Network Architecture; Mobile; Virtualization; Cloud Communications; Networks; and Unified Communications (previous award here).
  • Services & Cloud: covering Strategy; Platform as a Service; IT Services; Outsourcing; Cloud Applications; Cloud Infrastructure; Cloud Platforms; Business Intelligence; Internet of Things; Analytics; and Big Data (previous award here).
  • Marketing & Policy: covering Consumer Technology; Small/Medium Business; Channels; Law & Policy; Analyst Relations; Content Marketing; and Marketing (previous award here).

Awards launch lunch

As in 2017, Kea Company will announce the results at a launch lunch in central London. This year’s awards lunch will be at the Royal Society of Medicine on Monday 10 September. To reserve your seat at the three-course lunch, reserve on Eventbrite.

Duncan Chapple

Duncan Chapple is the preeminent consultant on optimising international analyst relations and the value created by analyst firms. As the head of CCgroup's analyst relations team, Chapple directs programs that increase the value of relationships with industry analysts and sourcing advisors.

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