Gartner, Forrester & HfS Research top 2014 Analyst Firm Awards

The Analyst Firm of the Year 2014 Awards

Update: The 2018 Analyst Firm Awards are available here. 

9 December 2014 – London, UK. Long-time industry leaders Gartner and Forrester Research have been joined by HfS Research as the top firms in Influencer Relations’ Analyst Firm Awards. The awards honour 18 IT and telecommunications industry analyst firms that have delivered outstanding value to their users.

Influencer Relations has seen the rapid rise of several young analyst firms disrupting the market” says Duncan Chapple, editor of “HfS Research, Digital Clarity Group and Greyhound Research now deliver world-class insight that enables them to stand with decades-old heavyweights, such as IDC, Everest Group and NelsonHall.”

The Analyst Firm of the Year 2014 Awards combine the opinions of 1,100 worldwide users of analyst firms who voted in the Analyst Value Survey . The awards announced today recognise the ten leading firms globally, and include nine subsidiary awards across four categories:

  • Regional leaders: in Asia Pacific; Europe, Middle East and Africa; and the Americas
  • Market leaders: in Services; Software; and Telecommunications & Networking
  • Segment leaders: Supply-side (vendors and providers or IT/Telecoms solutions); Demand-side (serving users and buyers of IT/Telecoms solutions)
  • Business Growth


For further information please contact:
Duncan Chapple
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  1. The top ten firms in the global award and the nine subsidiary awards are shown in the table. Analyst Firm of the Year 2014 Awards go to all 18 firms named.
  2. The social media hashtag for the awards is #afoty14.
  3. The Analyst Value Survey is an annual survey of the users of analyst firms’ services. The 2014 survey was conducted in July, August and September 2014 and received 1,100 valid responses from almost 50 countries. 41% of respondents are in the USA; 14% are in the United Kingdom; 12% are in India.
  4. A zip file containing Top 5 and Top 10 graphics for each award is available at
  5. The awards recognise a range of companies producing industry research, the users of which broadly consider as analyst firms. Not all describe themselves as analyst firms: Aberdeen Group, for example, is a research publisher providing content marketing services; ISG is an advisory firm.
  6. Because many IT or telecoms solution providers prefer to not be called vendors., the awards for firms serving people in buyer and vendor organisations are titled, respectively, “Demand-side” and “Supply-side”.
  7. This is the first year for Influencer Relations’ Analyst Firm Awards. Other Analyst Firm of the Year awards have been tried in the past, most notably from Communications Day and the IIAR. No similar award was issued during the last two years.
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