These twenty posts boosted our readership 56%

Readership of this site doubled in 2013, largely because of the Analyst Value Survey (AVS).  Since renaming the site as Influencer Relations at the start of 2014, readership has grown by more than half again. As you can see from our 20 most-read pages in 2014, listed below, insight from the AVS and Influencer Relations’ Analyst Firm of the Year awards drew in many of our new readers.

In 2015, we’ll be adding insight from two other research projects: the Analyst Attitude Survey and the Influencer Pitch Process.

Gartner, Forrester & HfS Research top our Analyst Firm of the Year 2014 Awards 1
You told us which analyst firms were most, and least, independent 2
Netscout unwisely sues Gartner for “Pay for Play” 3
Most comments ever: The irresistible rise of Constellation Research? 4
Survey: which analyst firms are moving up (or down)? 5
Mid-size analyst upstarts are creating value faster 6
Don’t panic if a competitor hires your Gartner analyst 7
First surprises from the Analyst Value Survey 8
Frustrated customers produce opportunities for upstart analyst firms 9
27 things no-one tells new analysts 10
Informa T&M rebrands as Ovum 11
Negotiating the rising value of Gartner subscriptions 12
The clash of cultures between Ovum, Informa and Datamonitor 13
Gartner’s Cool Vendors say the award brings home the bacon 14
18 firms nominated for our Analyst Firm of the Year 2014 awards 15
How analysts influence the Buyer Decision Process 16
Is there a pay to play problem in the analyst industry? 17
AR is often out of line with analyst realities in Asia-Pacific 18
Outsell’s one-sided view of the analyst industry 19
Work with us 20

What topics would you like to see Influencer Relations discussing in 2015?

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