AR Classics: Get Ahead Of Analysts: The Murphy Approach

For several years in the 1990s I shared a household with an old golden retriever named Murphy. Murphy had ESP. He’d know exactly where one of us would want to be in five minutes. He would position himself right there, in the way. It didn’t matter if the place was the refrigerator, the best chair to watch TV, or the bathroom door. Wherever it was, there was Murphy—ahead of us – where he knew he would get our love and attention. […]

Coffee Talk with Dr. Efrem Mallach

For this Coffee Talk we’ve invited Kea Company’s own Efrem Mallach. Efrem Mallach, PhD, literally wrote the book on Analyst Relations. A quarter of a century ago, Win Them Over was the first book about influencing analysts, consultants and advisors. Building on his experience at Honeywell and as an analyst, Mallach led two Analyst Relations consultancies before joining Kea Company as research director. […]

How industry analysts can come to briefings better prepared

In private conversations, Influencer Relations professionals often critique the analysts’ level of preparedness for a briefing. However, the ?IR pros are unwilling to actually say something to the analyst for fear of hurting the relationship or courting retaliation. We think that these fears are unfounded as most analysts would appreciate reasonable suggestions for how they can improve what they do. ?IR pros, please feel free to leave suggestions via comments to this post! […]