Adapt or Fail! – Analyst firm business models are changing – does this mean that analyst relations needs to change as well?

In recent years we have seen quite a few changes in the analyst landscape: We’ve seen new boutique analyst firms entering the market and focussing on sub-segments or geographies (HfS Research, Crisp Research, Greyhound Research etc). We’ve seen M&A activities indicating a trend towards bigger firms and more comprehensive research coverage (CXP/BARC/PAC, ISG/Alsbridge/Experton, Informa/Ovum). And Read more about Adapt or Fail! – Analyst firm business models are changing – does this mean that analyst relations needs to change as well?[…]

Kea Company acquires UK analyst relations consultancy Active Influence

Merger consolidates Kea Company’s position as world’s largest analyst relations consultancy

January 19, 2017. London — Kea Company, the world’s largest analyst relations consultancy, today completed its acquisition of Active Influence. Founded in 2010, Active Influence has helped many of the world’s largest technology companies to gain measurable business benefit from their relationships with analyst firms. Founder Richard East has become a partner in Kea Company, which obtained substantially all of Active Influence’s intellectual property and assets at the end of 2016.

AVS shows Gartner fumbles new coverage areas

We’re just concluding all the first round of strategy workshops where clients are using the Analyst Value Survey to refocus their analyst relations efforts for 2016, writes Duncan Chapple. There are some important implications, and especially for companies working in emerging coverage areas where Gartner’s hold seems to be less strong. If you are not familiar with the AVS, check out my short video or for a longer drill-down our recorded webinar.

Take Part In The Analyst Value Survey 2015-2016!

The 2015/2016 Analyst Value Survey is now open. Please share the address,, and take the survey yourself. As the video below explains, the Analyst Value Survey plays a unique role for the analyst industry. Each year over a thousand users of analyst research share their experiences about the analysts they are using, and how competitive analyst firms are advancing.

The Top Ten Analyst Firms For Business Growth

One of the most interesting discoveries of the Analyst Value Survey was that some demand-side firms have a very different idea from supply-side firms about which analyst firms are driving business growth. We asked users of analyst services to name the five firms that most drove business growth, Generally there was agreement about the top ten. […]

Announcing The Ten Top Telecoms Analyst Firms

Over 200 telecoms and networking professionals told the Analyst Value Survey that Gartner, IDC and Forrester were the three most valuable analyst firms. That’s a great result for IDC, but the real surprise is the strong performance of services firms in the telecoms top ten of our analyst firm awards, and the fall of telecoms specialists like Ovum and the 451 team that was previously Yankee Group. […]

“Deal-Maker or Breaker” is over& Other Harsh AR Truths

2014 has been the breakout year for freemium analyst firms. It’s fundamentally ended the fantasy that only Gartner and Forrester were “deal-maker or breaker” firms. An excellent illustration of that is the chart below, which uses data from the Analyst Value Survey. It shows the firms where the demand-side and supply-side respondents gave the most different answers to the question: which firms most influence buyers. […]

How Services Analysts Became Major Telecoms Influencers

Services analysts are rapidly becoming major influencers in the telecoms and networking industries because they offer context and reassurance to managers in the business lines. It’s a strong parallel of the way that IBM has been one of the firms most trusted by telecoms analysts, despite not being a telecoms specialist. The snapshot below from our 2014 Analyst Value Survey shows the analyst firms most used by telecoms and networking people.


Gartner, Forrester, HfS & DCG led American analyst value in 2014

This award has been superceded by the 2018 Americas Analyst Firm Awards. Hundreds of professionals across the Americas voted Gartner, Forrester Research, HfS Research and Digital Capital Group into the top slots in Influencer Relations’ Analyst Firm Awards for 2014. Ten firms won our Americas AFOTY14 award. Gartner was the obvious number one on every Read more about Gartner, Forrester, HfS & DCG led American analyst value in 2014[…]