27 things no-one tells new researchers

What are some of the things that the best researchers learn, yet some professionals never find out? What do new business researchers need to know about doing an analysis? There’s more guidance on ethical questions and commercial relationships at some research firms than on doing the research itself. Here are 20 of suggestions, which I noted down Read more about 27 things no-one tells new researchers[…]

Edinburgh academics to host Forum workshop on AR training

The two academics leading research internationally into analyst relations have agreed to host a workshop at the Analyst Relations Forum. Professor Neil Pollock (pictured above, on the left) and Dr Gian Marco Campagnolo have this to say about the interactive workshop they will facilitate, which shall aim to identify the top training needs of analyst relations professionals. The AR community has Read more about Edinburgh academics to host Forum workshop on AR training[…]

The risks and rewards of programmatic media buying

Programmatic media buying (PMB) has rapidly transformed the purchasing of advertising.Audience targetting and yield management are being integrated with real-time bidding in wayswhich transform advertising. Marketing budgets are under increasing pressure. Publishers,advertising agencies and networks, and their clients’ marketing managers all see PMB as a wayto get more value.PMB brings huge benefits, including greater transparency, Read more about The risks and rewards of programmatic media buying[…]

A guide to best practice for LinkedIn

I’m one of the co-authors of a new guide to best practices for LinkedIn which has been published this week by B2B Marketing. As you might imagine, I’m especially interested in the way that LinkedIn is being used for research by industry analysts and product managers. That’s what my contribution to the guide focusses on, Read more about A guide to best practice for LinkedIn[…]

Research schedules and coupon clipping

Gartner, Forrester and most other analyst firms are getting increasingly open about their research schedules. This is good news for strategic AR managers, but a dangerous and disorienting temptation for amateurs. By publishing their research schedules, analyst firms are able to set their clients’ expectations, increase the pressure on analysts to deliver on time and Read more about Research schedules and coupon clipping[…]