What Gigaom’s Closure Means for the Digital Clarity/Constellation Alliance

The closure of Gigaom on the same day as the surprise announcement of an alliance between two high-growth analyst firms shows the high stakes in the analyst industry. Freelance analysts and bloggers found a powerful ally in Gigaom and, like the DCG-Constellation alliance, it gave IT professionals the ability to access insight from multiple sources through one service. Let’s compare these two stories. […]

The Top Ten Analyst Firms For Business Growth

One of the most interesting discoveries of the Analyst Value Survey was that some demand-side firms have a very different idea from supply-side firms about which analyst firms are driving business growth. We asked users of analyst services to name the five firms that most drove business growth, Generally there was agreement about the top ten. […]

Announcing The Ten Top Telecoms Analyst Firms

Over 200 telecoms and networking professionals told the Analyst Value Survey that Gartner, IDC and Forrester were the three most valuable analyst firms. That’s a great result for IDC, but the real surprise is the strong performance of services firms in the telecoms top ten of our analyst firm awards, and the fall of telecoms specialists like Ovum and the 451 team that was previously Yankee Group. […]

“Deal-Maker or Breaker” is over& Other Harsh AR Truths

2014 has been the breakout year for freemium analyst firms. It’s fundamentally ended the fantasy that only Gartner and Forrester were “deal-maker or breaker” firms. An excellent illustration of that is the chart below, which uses data from the Analyst Value Survey. It shows the firms where the demand-side and supply-side respondents gave the most different answers to the question: which firms most influence buyers. […]