Analyst relations webinar: Beyond best practice

Best practice analyst relations is changing. It is quickly being surpassed by strategic, relationship-based plans that show immediate results. In a Kea Company analyst relations webinar, Teri Green, Duncan Chapple and Stephen Miller will not only discuss shifts in the commonly-held ideas about ‘best practice’ but also outline a new frontier of excellence being established Read more about Analyst relations webinar: Beyond best practice[…]

Coffee Talk with Dr. Efrem Mallach

For this Coffee Talk we’ve invited Kea Company’s own Efrem Mallach. Efrem Mallach, PhD, literally wrote the book on Analyst Relations. A quarter of a century ago, Win Them Over was the first book about influencing analysts, consultants and advisors. Building on his experience at Honeywell and as an analyst, Mallach led two Analyst Relations consultancies before joining Kea Company as research director. […]