Do You Know Who That Is?

We get the feeling that sales enablement is something that popped up recently in the office of many AR professionals. How is that possible, you might ask yourself. Well, the people that pay your salary are just being informed about what AR does and how it can contribute even more to the company. […]

Kea Company doubles European team

KKeaTeamea Company, the global influencer relations consultancy, has announced new team members in Europe including advisory partner Annelieke Nagel, a Gartner and IDC alumnus with 30 years’ experience in the analyst industry and in analyst relations, and Viktoria Reis and Oscar Uvalle who have joined the Kea research team to support the Analyst Attitude Survey and Analyst Value Survey. […]

The Tao of Influence: Part Two

A framework for winning the hearts and minds of trusted influencers.

In my last post I outlined why influencing the influencers matters. In short, trusted influencers- specifically those beyond media- are a powerful lever in reaching customers and building trust in your brand. Ok, so how does one successfully build a relationship with such influential groups? […]