Influencer Insights Podcast April News

For this Influencer Insights Podcast by Kea Company we cover a number of interesting developments in the IT research industry such as analyst movement and the launch of a new research tool. It features interviews with Duncan Chapple, Tom Reuner (who moved from Ovum to HfS Research), and Peter ffoulkes of 451 Research. […]

The Top Four Reasons Modern Marketers Can’t Live Without IT Research

After a long day working on a marketing automation or data analytics project, a marketer might think she actually works in the company’s IT department. The line between CIOs and CMOs is blurring. Thus it is no surprise that marketers are increasingly coming into contact with IT analyst firms that technology professionals have worked with for years. […]

Influencer Insights Podcast: How Luxoft leverages AR as a force multiplier for their success

For this Influencer Insights Podcast we are excited to be joined by Patrick Corcoran, Director of Analyst and Advisor Relations at Luxoft. Patrick intensified their outreach to analysts, really reinvigorating the Analyst Relations practice at Luxoft. In this podcast we learn how Luxoft is taking on some of the biggest software outsourcing firms and how they have been leveraging Analyst Relations as a force multiplier for their success.


Guest Post: AR pros are not scheduling coordinators

The technology services industry has evolved at such a frightful pace in recent months, I won’t be surprised that in some time it may be renamed as Digital Services industry doing completely away with the traditional era terms. In the immediate future, some of the older legacy phrases may just fade away too and if you happen to accidentally glance your archived notes and stumble on words like ERP, PCs, TCP – you may wonder just how we managed them all. […]