Influencer Insights Podcast March News

In this second episode of Kea Company’s Influencer Insights Podcast we cover a number of interesting developments in the IT research industry such as the fall of Gigaom and the newly announced partnership between Constellation and DCG. It features interviews with former VP of Research at Gigaom Michael Wolf, and former Forrester analyst Scott Santucci. […]

What Gigaom’s Closure Means for the Digital Clarity/Constellation Alliance

The closure of Gigaom on the same day as the surprise announcement of an alliance between two high-growth analyst firms shows the high stakes in the analyst industry. Freelance analysts and bloggers found a powerful ally in Gigaom and, like the DCG-Constellation alliance, it gave IT professionals the ability to access insight from multiple sources through one service. Let’s compare these two stories. […]

Equipping Sales for the MQ Effect: the Magic Quadrant and Tech Vendors (Part Seven)

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant can have a powerful impact on IT vendor sales cycles – anointing some vendors as a prime candidate for a sales opportunity while denying other vendors even a chance to bid. In order to exploit positive placement on a Magic Quadrant and mitigate negative placement, vendor sales executives need to work with AR to prepare and train their sales teams on certain basics about the Magic Quadrant. […]

Guest Post: When Your Company Takes Out Your Favorite Analyst

It happens to the best of us. Your analyst relations program is humming along nicely – your analysts are behaving, your internal constituents under control – when one day, wham! You get a call from one of your SVPs sharing some exciting news! Joe Analyst, one of your company’s key advocates, has now joined your company. […]

The Danger is Complacency: the Magic Quadrant and Tech Vendors (Part Six)

There is a certain amount of self congratulations that occur when a vendor achieves a favorable “Leader” position on a Magic Quadrant. Because they are in the “Leaders” block, vendors feel like their job is complete. The problem is that such an attitude could lead to complacency and endanger a company’s coveted status in the future. […]

How To Eat An Elephant – A Recipe For Proper Analyst Relations

When starting with analyst relations companies often realise that the task lying ahead of them is pretty daunting. There are several hundred analyst firms with thousands of analysts publishing research for every imaginable market niche. On the other side there are tens of thousands technology providers worldwide vying for the attention of these analysts. This means that simply having a great product will not be enough to get noticed.


Create a New Market Category by Courting Analysts Your Customers Respect

Marketing is by far the most complex organization within a business. The same individuals tasked with building brand standards and designing websites are also architects of intricate demand generation programs to drive lead flow to the sales team. Often these left-brained / right-brained activities are at odds with one another, which eventually leads to specialization within the team. […]