Unmaking fruit salad: 6 ways to help analysts segment markets

 It’s a common challenge for providers: some new or fast-changing market contains very different solutions. Clients want either apples or oranges, but the analyst research reads more like fruit salad. As new solutions come into old markets, or as analysts try to squeeze hot new solutions into their less-exciting coverage areas, it’s increasingly hard for users Read more about Unmaking fruit salad: 6 ways to help analysts segment markets[…]

PAC shows how solutions and IP accelerate transformation

The PAC Horizons event (see here) discussed the way that many organisations that have not been innovative in the past are suddenly accelerating. The Kea people there (myself, Viktoria and Sven) enjoyed it, and not the least because our Analyst Value Survey was mentioned in the opening session. The connected car, for example, not only changes Read more about PAC shows how solutions and IP accelerate transformation[…]

PAC Horizons challenges IT ecosystem to get more digital

A powerful group of around 50 professionals packed into the swish City headquarters of UKtech, the industry association, to discuss the current situation and prospects for technology. Following several very good years, explained Christoph Châlons, UK growth has significantly slowed in sync with the GDP growth rate. The UK remains by far the biggest markets: Read more about PAC Horizons challenges IT ecosystem to get more digital[…]

Understanding how analysts’ categories shift

The recent storm after Oracle and other vendors were dropped from a Gartner Magic Quadrant (MQ) is one example of the pressures on the market created by market categories. It’s certainly not an easy conversation when major vendors get dropped from categories. The process is political, both inside the analyst firms and externally when vendors Read more about Understanding how analysts’ categories shift[…]

Candid AR would aid Oracle’s sales

For each 1 percent more candid firms are with industry analysts, those analysts become 0.93% more likely to recommend them: almost a one-to-one ratio. That is the most striking finding in Kea Company’s Analyst Attitude Survey, which 150 analysts responded to in December 2015 and January 2016. However, the survey also shows that even firms Read more about Candid AR would aid Oracle’s sales[…]


Mentoring analysts without their permission?

Mentoring has many aspects: skill development, personal growth and career advancement are all addresses. Some senior industry analysts have coaches, most often paid professionals who help them to work through specific questions identified by the coached. Often tools and formal processes are used. But there’s scope for non-paid, voluntary, relationships that allow them to share Read more about Mentoring analysts without their permission?[…]

AR in France has five differences

Julie Desbenoit and I have identified five key differences about analyst relations in France. Julie’s been helping my colleagues Oscar, Emma and Elisa, who are working on a new Kea Company service to help analyst relations managers. Julie and I have been speaking with AR professionals in France and these are the findings we both Read more about AR in France has five differences[…]

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Webinar on AR in France, with Julie Desbenoit

Julie Desbenoit and I are hosting a webinar on Tuesday 2 February to discuss the specificities of analyst relations in France. Julie is a French marketing communications professional with unusually broad experience spanning information technology, biotechnology and plastics technology, and is speaking to analyst relations managers in France about the challenges they face. We can Read more about Webinar on AR in France, with Julie Desbenoit[…]


Should AR put Tragic Quadrant easy analysts first?

A key criterion of the IIAR’s Tragic Quadrant (TQ) is that AR people should prioritise analysts, and analyst firms, who are easy to do business with. It’s obvious that we prefer easy to difficult. However, the value of analysts is relatively independent of how easy or hard they are to work with. Putting easy analysts first Read more about Should AR put Tragic Quadrant easy analysts first?[…]


90 billion reasons for Apple to be more open

Shares in Apple rose $90bn in 24 hours when the firm took the unusual step of sharing more information than normal over the firm’s revenue in China. There is an important lesson in that event for reputation managers, in both investor relations and in analyst relations. The stock hit $111.05 on the morning of August Read more about 90 billion reasons for Apple to be more open[…]